When a Lumbar Disc Injury and Arthritis Stop You From Surfing.. What Do You Do?

The Irony: It takes one to know one.. right. The shoemakers children run barefoot… of course A physical therapist (specializing in working

Keeping Afoot of Change with Competitive Surfing Injuries..

July 17, 2017 Kelly Slater posted on his Instagram this pic1:   Yowwwzers! After retrieving my jaw from the floor and processing

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When I started my business Water’s Edge Physical Therapy initially in 2013, I had the opportunity to meet an amazing nutritionist, Heather

Hashtag Surf-Life

I love surfing. I am sure most people do. I spend countless hours trying to arrange my life and my lifestyle to

Lessons Learned From the #PaulMitchellSupergirlPro

Last time Surfer’s Edge Therapy participated in an Oceanside based event was in October, 2015 at the ISA junior world championships