Shane Carpenter, PT, DPT, CMT

Surf-Body Connection grew out of the need to help keep surfers involved surfing longer in life.   A 2012 study performed by SFIA, revealed that between the ages of 35 and 44, approximately 53% of surfers stop surfing, and, worse, that between the ages of 45 and 54 we lose another approximate 30% of surfers from the sport. We know that the benefits that surfing can bring overall health and wellness, well-being, piece of mind, as well as forge long lasting friendships and improve a sense of community. Yet, despite all of it’s great benefits, many of which help combat and prevent long term disease processes, we see people decrease their participation in the surfing as they age.  

Helping You To Surf For Life

It became evident over time that something needed to be created to reach the surfing community, support participation in the sport across the lifespan, and tailor surf-based physical therapy solutions to help manage acute and chronic injuries in surfers. In 2013 Surfer’s Edge Physical Therapy was incorporated, providing physical therapy and wellness services to the surfing community of north county San Diego, California. As the business has grown, it has become evident that there are several themes of pre-injury movement patterns that often can set up or cause problems down the road (shoulder/back/knee/ankle etc).

Practice From Anywhere

Surf-Body Connection has a goal to provide a platform for surfers, wellness providers and other ocean-minded people to systematically look and address problem areas in order to prevent injury, thus keeping people in the ocean surfing longer. The Surf-Body Connection has created a series of surf movement screens using proven tools such as the Selective Functional Movement Assessment, Functional Movement Screen, Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) screening tools,  to systematically and specifically target faulty or maladaptive movement patterns. Using current and relevant research, the Surf Body Connection wants to bring peer reviewed literature and emerging research to the site to share awareness of the health benefits of surfing.

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