Imagine Surfing With Minimized Pain

When it comes to managing pain, many surfers seek treatment ONLY when they are symptomatic and forced by pain to be out of the water.  This short-term strategy can lead to frustration, mental and physical anguish as a preventable acute or repetitive injury keeps you from doing the activity that you love. 

Avoiding taking care of your body’s subtle aches and pains over the long haul can set you up for other more substantial injuries, and keep you out of the water even longer. We believe that keeping you surfing longer in life will help you to live a happier, healthier lifestyle, and help prevent many of today’s disease processes. The Surf Body Connection helps you take control of your lifelong goal to surf through our online wellness programs.

Experience and Care

We don’t feel you should have to sustain an injury just to get access to the knowledge of a physical therapist either.  Our goal is to PREVENT injury before they even happen by focusing on trouble areas that we know surfers struggle with.

The Surf Body Connection Method:

Surf Body Connection utilizes a multi-faceted approach in all of our courses to help keep you in the water surfing!




“As a long time surfer I was struggling with some issues that come upon many surfers as we age. Shane’s extensive knowledge enabled her to understand what those issues were and then customize a training program that keeps me in the water longer and still riding shortboards at the age of 60.”

Mike May, VP Gaming Operations, Pechanga Casino and Resort

“I went to Shane with an acute case of sciatica. In short order, Shane identified the incorrect exercise form that caused my issue. I left that day feeling better and I followed Shane’s personal plan for me. I have been pain-free ever since. With Shane’s expertise and direction, I can keep doing the activities that I love. Shane is totally focused on you with no distractions during your appointment. I highly recommend Shane Carpenter for state of the art physical therapy care.”

Mary Kate May -Massage Therapist

I suffered a torn biceps tendon that resulted in frozen shoulder. After months of ultrasound massage therapy acupuncture and physical therapy and met Shane Carpenter of Surfer’s Edge PT. She made The difference in my recovery. I’m back to surfing golf and shaping surfboards I would recommend her to anyone!.

Ken 'Melmo' Brown , Melmo Surfboards
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